Bridget B. - Resume + LinkedIn

Brittany!!! What an outstanding job you did of revamping things for me!!! I couldn't be more pleased!!! Thank you sooooooo very much! You are soooooo quick, OMG!!! Wow, I'm just in complete awe!!! Now that I've seen your work, I'm a true believer and I will tell everybody I know! Thank you so much for your insight into my career change. You are doing great! I see big things for you.

Shani D. - Resume

I am blown away by your services and how amazing this looks! I will most definitely be sharing you with my social network. Thank you so much for the help and such a swift turnaround.

Nicole S. - Resume

I just want to say THANK YOU!! My sister had been struggling to get her resume just right. She spent hundreds with a popular resume service that after multiple rounds and several weeks could not produce what she needed. She is thrilled with what you did with her resume. I could hear the happiness, relief and excitement in her voice. In only a few days, you changed her entire outlook on her job search. I can't thank you enough!

Edward L. - Resume

 I've been accepted for an internship at an oil and gas company for three months after your CV revamp to help me transition from banking into the oil and gas industry. You gave my CV a professional touch. There is a possibility for full-time employment as long as my performance during the internship is up to par. Thank you for helping me break into the industry of my dreams! 

Kim B. - Resume + LinkedIn

OH.MY.GOD. This is fabulous! It's so modern and fresh. It's what it's supposed to be - enough information to tell about what and who I am but leaves the employer wanting more. Thank you so much for this!!!!

Thanks also for your words of wisdom. You're right about applying for jobs that I'm truly passionate about. It makes a huge difference when I talk to the interviewer. Never heard of the STAR method but I'm going to practice that for the next interview!

I am just so excited!

Simona A. - Resume + LinkedIn

OMG Brittany, it's absolutely beautiful. I truly thank you! I love everything....I'm like, 'who is this woman?' I will be sure to send other coworkers your way.


Riley M. - Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn

Thank you for your spectacular work revamping my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Amazing, personalized service. Couldn't recommend highly enough!

Stacey S. - Resume

I would highly recommend Brittany! I was frustrated and feeling like my resume was so far gone from so many rewrites that I was confused about what made sense. Brittany took my vision and gave me exactly what 3 other "professional" resume writers could not do in a day.

Brittany is professional, she listens to you and what your need is. She understands what recruiters are looking for. Not only was she quick, but she personally reached out to me and that personal touch made me feel I was in good hands. Don't think twice about her service. 5 stars and a warm personality is what you will get. Thank you Brittany!!


Tara S. - Resume

As soon as I used the new resume you made for me, I had a phone interview the same day, exciting. You are much appreciated. Thank you and I will definitely keep you posted on my journey.