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Meet Tatiana.

Tatiana is looking to clear up the path to success in her career. She is ambitious and determined. She's searching for leadership roles at amazing companies among the likes of Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

She is at the mid-level point in her career and she’s ready to take it up a notch. She believes in herself and isn’t afraid to invest in her professional development. She understands that she may be standing in her own way, and she wants the assistance of a career consultant like me to help her tell her career story in a way that it manifests opportunities to interview for her dream leadership role. 

Note: I value diversity and inclusion, so I work with everyone regardless of race or gender. If you share the same sentiments Tatiana has, you should work with me!

Become a part of my #ResumeBosses winner's circle today if:

  • You are ready to boss up! You are tired of feeling stuck or stagnant in your current role or field. You are done playing it safe, and you're ready to invest in your career progression and work with an expert.

  • You are willing to participate in the process and answer challenging questions that will require you to self-reflect. This is a priority for you and you are willing to set aside time to fully engage and collaborate with me for optimal success.

  • You are unsure how to appropriately describe your skills and accomplishments. You need help conveying and optimizing your career story to attract your dream employer.

  • You are great at visualizing your future, and you know the direction you want to take in your career. However, you need expert assistance with positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field.  

Resumes I've Written:

R&D Scientist (Ph.D.)

Teachers & School Counselors

RN's and NP's

Sr. Assistant VP of Global Operations

VP of Finance and Sales


Fashion Magazine Editor


Customer Success Manager

Program Manager

Marketing Specialists

Content & Brand Strategists

Business Development Reps

Senior Managers

Education Specialists (Ed.S.)

Oil & Gas - Health & Safety

Various IT Roles

Banking & Finance Professionals

Human Resources Managers

Social Media Managers

Executive Directors

Accountants and Controllers

Social Services Administrator

Law Enforcement


Ontario J. - Security & Law Enforcement

Brittany was extremely professional and responsive during the entire process. She provided my final resume and updated LinkedIn profile before the deadline which I truly appreciated! In addition, Brittany offered pertinent and applicable advice for my future career development. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking to enhance their resume and LinkedIn profile.

Joshua L. - Marketing Specialist

I was referred by a colleague that worked with Brittany last year. I was in need of a resume revision and she completely transformed not only my resume, but also my LinkedIn page and cover letter! She positioned me where I can best showcase the skills I've accumulated. I have received numerous job offers after Brittany's services and will continue to work with her as I grow throughout my career.

Rae S. - VP of Sales

Brittany's professionalism and promptness has been extremely impressive. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to connect with Brittany. She updated and revitalized my resume as well as cover letter and LinkedIn profile to ensure my professional skills and experiences were highlighted to their fullest potential and relative to the positions I'm seeking. I'd highly recommend her services to anyone in need. Thank you Brittany!

Jasmine B. - Social Media Manager

I reached out to my social media network about needing a resume revamp, and Brittany reached out to me. Within an hour, I was sending her my resume, and I was so impressed by her promptness and professionalism that I had to work with her. I feel a lot better about how my resume looks and I'm proud to show it off. With my search for better career options, Brittany has equipped me with not only a solid resume, but also a revamped LinkedIn account and encouragement on my job search. Thank you Brittany! 

Kim B. - Virtual Administrative Assistant

OH.MY.GOD. This is fabulous! It's so modern and fresh. It's what it's supposed to be - enough information to tell about what and who I am but leaves the employer wanting more. Thank you so much for this!!!!

Thanks also for your words of wisdom. You're right about applying for jobs that I'm truly passionate about. It makes a huge difference when I talk to the interviewer. 

Brenton L. - Program Manager at Amazon

Brittany is an amazing resume writer who goes above and beyond for her clients. We first connected on the 4th of July 2019, and although it was a holiday, she worked diligently to ensure my resume and LinkedIn was unique and ready for the next big opportunity.

I applied to many jobs and Brittany aligned my experiences and job requirements perfectly.

Because of Brittany's hard work, I was fortunate to land a Program Manager role at Amazon! This opportunity would've been imposible without Brittany's expertise and willingness to make constant changes to my resume.

She's more than just a resume writer, but also a mentor whose expertise I will continue to use throughout my career.


Riley M. - Ph.D. Research & Policy Development (Canada)

Thank you for your spectacular work revamping my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Amazing, personalized service. Couldn't recommend highly enough!

Stacey S. - Customer Success Manager

I would highly recommend Brittany! I was frustrated and feeling like my resume was so far gone from so many rewrites that I was confused about what made sense. Brittany took my vision and gave me exactly what 3 other "professional" resume writers could not do in a day.

Brittany is professional, she listens to you and what your need is. She understands what recruiters are looking for. Not only was she quick, but she personally reached out to me and that personal touch made me feel I was in good hands. Don't think twice about her service. 5 stars and a warm personality is what you will get. Thank you Brittany!!


Jessica E. - Co-Founder

Thank you so much for your help! I knew I needed to commit to you when I saw your LinkedIn ad. Great job on your sales process. Very simple and committing people to payment that quickly is the key.