Professional Writing Services

Professional Writing Services

Professional Writing ServicesProfessional Writing ServicesProfessional Writing Services

Positioning mid to senior level professionals as thought leaders one resume, cover letter, & LinkedIn profile at a time.


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Expertise, Passion, and Direction

After 6 years of progressive experience in the human resources and recruitment field and obtaining my MBA degree, I decided it was time to follow in my mom's footsteps and open a business. Brittany Carr Consulting allows me the opportunity to share my love for HR and recruitment and my passion for helping others in a more intimate way.

One-on-one, I help individuals who are at the mid to senior level in their careers with revamping their professional brands to attract the best leadership opportunities. Aspiring and established subject matter experts and thought leaders from around the world have benefited from receiving a professional makeover from Brittany Carr Consulting of their resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn for the purpose of advancing in their fields.

I dig deep to uncover my clients' vision for their career, act as a sounding board for their ideas, help them clarify and achieve professional development objectives, and unlock their full potential.

Why Choose Brittany Carr Consulting?

Helping you achieve your goals is of utmost importance to me. That's why when it comes to establishing my client base, it's a very selective process. I want to ensure each of you receive the time and guidance you deserve. I have multiple packages that I offer to ensure your career needs are met.


I call my clients Resume Bosses because they own their professional brands and excel in their careers like the BOSSES they are!

Let's stay connected and keep the conversation going! Send a connection request and follow me on LinkedIn (Brittany Carr, MBA) and follow my hashtag #ResumeBosses for relevant content.


Professional Writing Services


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